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Why therapeutic/fertility enhancing LAPAROSCOPY always better than IVF /Test tube baby?

Why therapeutic/fertility enhancing LAPAROSCOPY always better than IVF /Test tube baby? Now a day’s almost 25-30% couples who are trying to conceive are unable to do so. Soon these couples then jump into IVF (test tube baby) as there is a lack of public awareness on fertility enhancing surgery in our country. The advantage of fertility enhancing surgery is that the basic abnormality in the reproductive organs is corrected with this surgery so that the woman (patient) can go on to conceive naturally without any help. IVF is not only more expensive and stressful for the couple but also needs to be done repeatly for each pregnancy hence IVF should only be done as a last resort when Fertility enhancing surgery. BENEFITS OF LAPAROSCOPY OVER IVF 1)  You conceive naturally there is no artificial means. 2)  You have your own biological child. 3)  Cost is much less. 4)  Benefits of laparoscopy –
  • a) Laparoscopy operation done through 5mm port
  • b) After operation patient can easily climb stairs, do all household works from second day.
  • c) Patient is back to normal
  • d) No hospital stay is required.
  • e) Less pain
  • f) Minimal blood loss (less than 1 tea spoonful)
5) Before going for IVF, laparoscopy enhances the rate of conception. Can laparoscopy increase fertility? 1) Endometriosis, for example. Laparoscopy allows your doctor to not only see what’s inside your abdomen but also Biopsy suspicious growths or cysts. Also, laparoscopic surgery can treat some causes Of infertility, allowing you a better chance at getting pregnant either naturally or with Fertility treatments. 2) Tubal cannulation: – wherein the tubes are blocked these tubes in 70-80% Cases can be opened with thin wires. Only those tubes which are Permanently blocked should go for IVF. 3) Fibroids: – After laparoscopic Myomectomy (removal of fibroids) & LUAL (Uterine artery ligation) the pregnancy rate in woman almost comes to that Of a normal woman. 4) PCOD: – In case where medical therapy has failed PCOD drilling (of the Enlarged & ovaries) greatly increase the chances of the pregnancy 5) Hysteroscopy surgeries (like septum where there is a wall inside the Uterus or polyps or fibroids (benign growth inside the womb) can be taken Out easily during hysteroscopy surgery. Cost difference between laparoscopy and IVF? Is huge Laparoscopy is much cheaper.  Is it necessary to go for laparoscopy before IVF? It found that three quarters of women who had a laparoscopy before IVF, to treat endometriosis and tuberculosis successfully conceived after surgery.  How long does it take to perform laparoscopic surgery? The average operating time for treating tubal disease is    approximately 60 min (range 13-240). Surgery for endometriosis    and ovarian cysts averaged 72 min (range 10-240).  Any side effects of laparoscopy? Nil  Chances of Success? 70 to 80% with laparoscopy 30 to 50 % for IVF   All in all the pain of not having a child is something only a woman can understand. In our society where a woman who cannot have a child is ostaticrised Fertility enhancing surgery should be made more commonly available and public awareness regarding its availability increased.     STOP JUMPING TO IVF ( Best Gynecologist in Bhopal )

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