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Top 7 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy

Top 7 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy #Best Gynecologist in Bhopal Exercise and healthy food can help you reduce tummy fat after pregnancy. However, you need to do the right exercises that focus on the tummy. Moreover, before you begin doing those exercises, talk to your doctor to know when it is the right time to begin the regimen, how much to do, and when to stop because your body is still delicate for a few months after pregnancy. How Long Does It Take For Your Belly To Shrink Back To Normal? It usually takes around six to 12 months to lose the weight gained during pregnancy. The speed and degree it takes for the bump to shrink might depend on:
  • Your maternal age
  • The diet plan and exercise routine you follow
  • Your baby’s size
  • The weight you may have gained during pregnancy
How Soon After Birth Can You Do Tummy Exercises? Doctors and physical therapists generally recommend a waiting period of six weeks after vaginal delivery and eight weeks in the case of a C-section. However, you may start with light exercises and physical activities after the first two weeks.
  1. Twister exercises
  • You may feel energetic and active with these exercises.
  • Simply stretch and twist your body while standing straight.
  • Repeat on both the sides, the left and the right for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  1. Floor sit-ups
  • These could help you in cutting down weight on the lower tummy.
  • Lie on your back and place your hands behind your neck.
  • Slowly lift your head upwards.
  • You may also place your hands crossed over one another on the sides of the tummy and do the sit-ups.
  1. Leg raise
This exercise helps in strengthening the leg and stomach muscles.
  • Lie on your back and try raising both the legs at the same time.
  • Remain in the same position for about three to four seconds.
  • Slowly release the legs.
  • You may consider doing 20 sets twice a day.
  1. Yoga
Yoga offers multiple benefits for both your body and mind. It may also help in shrinking the tummy. You may start practicing it at home or join a yoga class under a certified yoga instructor.
  1. Swimming
This low-impact and non-weight bearing workout helps you to tone your tummy muscles. Moreover, it does not put any strain on the joints and ligaments. You may swim laps, jog in the water, or join an aqua-aerobics class.
  1. Pass the ball
This is a variation of crunching exercise. Sit on the floor and raise your legs while crossing them. Place your hands as if you are holding a ball and try passing the imaginary ball from the left foot to the right foot and vice versa. You are stretching, twisting, and crunching while doing this exercise.