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A laparoscopic hysterectomy is a simply invasive surgical process to remove the uterus. A tiny incision is made in the belly button and a tiny camera is inserted. The surgeon watches the image from this camera on a TV screen and performs the operative process. Two or three other tiny incisions are made in the lower abdomen. Specialized instruments are inserted and used for the removal procedure. Some women do not have their ovaries removed when they undergo a hysterectomy. If the ovaries stay inside, the woman does not need to get any hormones after the surgery and she does not have hot flashes. Some women remove their ovaries because of family history of ovarian cancer or they have an abnormal growth on their ovary. We are simply invasive hysterectomy specialists. Patients get the benefits of hysterectomy with fast healing and less pain. Our reputation has been earned, so you know you are in the care of professionals you can trust. What are the advantages of a laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery? A laparoscopic hysterectomy need only a few small incisions, compared to a traditional abdominal hysterectomy which is done through a 3-6 inch incision. As a result, there is less blood loss, less scarring and less post-operative pain. A laparoscopic hysterectomy is generally done as an outpatient process whereas an abdominal hysterectomy generally requires a 2-3 day hospital stay. The recovery period for this laparoscopic procedure is 1-2 weeks, compared to 4-6 weeks after an abdominal hysterectomy. The risks of blood loss and infection are lower with laparoscopic hysterectomy than with an abdominal hysterectomy. In experienced hands, laparoscopic hysterectomy takes about the same length of time as an abdominal hysterectomy and engages no greater risk.