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SCARLESS MANAGEMENT OF ECTOPIC PREGNANCY by laparoscopy. #Best Gynecologist in Bhopal SAVE YOUR TUBE What is an ectopic pregnancy? An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself outside of the uterus. They’re also called “tubal pregnancies” because most of them happen in the fallopian tubes. Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy? The first warning sign of an ectopic pregnancy is pelvic pain. Light vaginal bleeding may also occur. If blood leaks from the fallopian tube, you may feel increasing abdominal pain, an urge to have a bowel movement or pelvic discomfort. MEDICINE FOR IT? Early ectopic pregnancy may be managed with medicine. If you have low levels of hCG — a hormone your body makes when you’re pregnant and there’s no damage to the fallopian tube, your doctor can give you an injection of a drug called methotrexate. Can the tube be saved? Yes by the procedure of Laparoscopic salpingostomy in certain conditions. Why Laparoscopy always better for ectopic pregnancy? Minimal incision, less blood loss, short hospitalization, early return to full activity, and in many cases, a patent tube. SAVE YOUR TUBE LAPAROSCOPY IS BEST TREATMENT MEDICINE POSSIBLE IN SOME CASES FOR ANY QUERY CALL ON NO- 9897576976, 9415323567