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Menstrual Problems – what signs to look out for?

Menstrual Problems – what signs to look out for? If women were to determine the time they spend thinking about their menstrual cycle, the number would amount to about ten days per month. That’s a significant 2,880 hours every year! Menstruation is that time of the month when a woman’s body undergoes a number of changes and call for great care and patience. Additionally, a few women might encounter menstruation problems that need the attention of a gynecologist. Read on to know more about these problems that requires direct medical attention: Amenorrhea: Absence of periods or amenorrhea happen when there’s an extended gap in the cycle or when a girl does not get her first period by the time she turns 16. This is generally caused by hormonal imbalances, unhealthy lifestyle, improper medication, anorexia, sudden weight loss/gain, or ovarian cysts. Dysmenorrhea: Although cramps are a general occurrence prior to the start of a period, excruciating or unbearable pain might be indicative of a more serious problem. Often referred to as painful menstruation, dysmenorrhea is a situation in which pain in the lower abdomen or back persists beyond the menstrual week. It is also often accompanied by an upset stomach, vomiting, and loose motion. Menorrhagia: In some cases, women bleed beyond the seven-day period. It is generally caused by fibroids, uterine-related infections, hormonal disturbances, inflammation, or even changes in diet. Preventive Measures Implementing certain lifestyle changes such as reduction in alcohol consumption and smoking as well as exercising repeatedly also help in preparing your body to endure menstrual pain in the long run. While on your period, taking proper rest, applying a heating pad to your back and stomach, eating regular meals, and drinking warm beverages are also recommended ( Best Gynecologist in Bhopal)

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