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INFERTILITY & TEST TUBE BABY (#Best Gynecologist in Bhopal) CONSULTATION AND ADVICE for Rs 100 only. Every SUNDAY between 4 to 6 pm. Call for an appointment on numbers 9415323567,9897576976. Venue- LAKE CITY HOSPITAL, B-27 Kasturba Nagar, Near Chetak Bridge, Bhopal(M.P) Best services at most affordable rates.  Patients who can take benefit- 1) patients with multiple miscarriages. 2) patients with tubal block. 3) patients with low sperm count. 4) patients with IVF failure. 5) patients with IUI failure. 6) patients with unexplained infertility with all reports     normal. 7) patients for opening ligation. 8) not conceiving even after getting tubes operated. 9) Any problem of menstrual disorders. 10) Ayushman Patients for hysterectomy. 11)Any Laparoscopic surgery.

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