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How To Deal With Mood Swings During Pregnancy?

How To Deal With Mood Swings During Pregnancy? #Best Gynecologist in Bhopal Mood swings are common during pregnancy, owing to the hormonal, physical, and emotional changes happening within you. While you cannot avoid them, you can deal with them to make your pregnancy less stressful. Causes of Mood Swings during Pregnancy A lot of changes happening in the body, both physically and mentally, could be responsible for mood swings throughout the pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuation is perhaps the most common reason for mood changes. When you get pregnant, the level of pregnancy hormones increases. This usually results in feelings of anxiety, sadness, fear, and frustration, which can lead to depression. Extreme tiredness and morning sickness is usually experienced during the first and second trimesters. These could be responsible for changes in your mood. You may have a mix of emotions, such as forgetfulness, moodiness, and even anxiety. Lack of sleep, due to the growing belly and other pregnancy changes, is another reason for mood swings. Insufficient sleep can make you feel irritated and cranky. Get proper sleep: Lack of sleep might be a common reason for mood swings. Try to minimize sleep disturbances by creating a comfortable sleep routine, wear loose/comfortable clothes, dim the lights in your room, avoid using gadgets before sleep, and use pillows for support. Try to get eight hours of sleep daily and an afternoon nap. Get a prenatal massage: A prenatal massage might relieve your muscles and reduce pain, and aid in the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This could recover your mood and help you to stay calm. Pamper yourself: You could consider trying simple yet fun activities like shopping, eating something that you are craving, going for a walk with your partner, watching a movie, or spending some quality time with your loved ones. Anything that makes you feel better works. Indulge in a hobby which you enjoy. Talk to your partner: Sometimes, just talking to your partner about your feelings can help you relax. Vent out when you need to, and don’t stress yourself by overthinking everything. Stay mindful of various pregnancy-related aspects: You might have a lot of fears about pregnancy and childbirth. Some could be valid, but others could probably be due to a lack of knowledge. So, talk to your doctor and clear any doubts you have about the pregnancy, diet, tests, prenatal care, or health situations and make the right decisions.