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Don’t worry for Cost in treatment of infertility

Don’t worry for Cost in treatment of infertility- This post is especially made to bring to notice that most of patients have this believe that IVF and test tube baby is the only treatment for infertility and because of expense they are not taking treatment. This is to inform them that <5% cases only test tube baby is required.  
% OF           CANDIDATES Treatment given COST Success rate
    70-80% Medicine only Rs. 1,000- 2,000/-    70-80%
    10-15% Tubal test ,IUI Rs. 3,000- 5000/-    80%
     <5% Laparoscopic tubal block opening/PCOS drilling Rs. 15,000- 20,000/-    80-90%
     <5% IVF/test tube baby Rs. 70,000/-    60-70%
  Hence please don’t restrict oneself from treatment only as this will be expensive and let your age go.   HELPING YOU TO CREATE LIFE’S MOST PRECIOUS GIFT AT AFFORDABLE PRICES, WITH HIGH SUCCESS RATES COUPLED WITH MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. (#Best gynecologist in Bhopal)

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