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Bowling While Pregnancy: Safe or not?

Bowling While Pregnancy: Safe or not?

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Dr.Sonil Srivastava The thrill you get to see the ball roll and hit all the pins is unmatchable. You would want to have that experience again and again almost every weekend. But when you are pregnant, should you give bowling a break or can you continue having fun? Is Bowling Safe When You Are Pregnant? Yes, it is safe to go bowling provided you follow a few precautions, the ball is not heavy, and if you do not have issues such as:
  • heart diseases
  • carrying multiples
  • placenta previa
  • a history of preterm labor

When Can Bowling Be Uncomfortable?

With progressing pregnancy, bowling might become uncomfortable due to several reasons:
  • As the tummy grows, there is an excess pressure on your back to support the body.
  • The shift in the center of gravity makes it hard to keep your balance while bowling through the alley.
  • Your joints and ligaments begin to lose the strength both in the upper and lower body, and bowling uses more of upper body strength.
What Are The Benefits Of Bowling During Pregnancy? Experts suggest pregnant women take up low-impact exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and prenatal yoga. You may consider including them in your everyday routine because:
  • They are known to lower the risk of a chronic situation such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • They exert minimum stress on your joints and are hence better than high-intensity activities such as swimming.
  • Recreational activities such as bowling will boost your mood, and lower the risk of depression.
  • They also recover your heart rate and stamina just as aerobic exercises do.
Safety Tips for Bowling during Pregnancy Bowling balls might put pressure on your shoulders, joints, and back. You might also slip in the alley. Therefore, take some safety measures to prevent falls and injuries.
  • Choose lighter balls to avoid unnecessary pressure on the back. The ligaments and joints turn supple during pregnancy, and therefore the chances of straining or injuring your back are high.
  • Go for duckpin bowling as the balls are simple to handle because of their small size.
  • Be careful while bowling as the lanes is smoothened with oils for the balls to move easily.
  • If you feel that the movement is having a disturbing effect on your joints, stop doing it.
  • Keep your back straight and bend your knees while lifting the ball. This helps remove the strain from your back and stop injury to your spinal and fetal tissues.

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