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Birthing Ball Exercises during Pregnancy, Labor And Beyond

Birthing Ball Exercises during Pregnancy, Labor And Beyond (#Best Gynecologist in Bhopal) What Is A Birthing Ball? A birthing ball or a birth ball is a large inflatable exercise ball made of rubber. It is a standard fitness ball that can be used by pregnant women for fitness during pregnancy and post pregnancy. The birthing ball is a safe and beneficial non-pharmacological method to have a usual delivery. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Birthing Ball? Here are a few potential benefits of using a birthing ball.
  • Eases back pain and improves your capability to move around.
  • suggest counter-pressure to your perineum and thighs
  • Gives excellent support to your knees and ankles
  • Helps decrease spinal pressure
  • Eases labor pain and reduces the duration of labor
  • Reduces the anxiety and pain from contractions
  • Helps open up the pelvic muscles
  • Helps you remain in an upright situation, which works with gravity for efficient baby decent
  • Corrects the baby situation before the birth
What Type Of Birth Ball Should You Buy? Buy a birthing ball which meets the following criteria:
  • The size of the ball depends on your height. When you sit on it, your feet should touch the floor properly
  • Take the one with anti-burst feature and an anti-slip finish; In any case, do not keep these exercise balls near sharp objects, rough surfaces, and direct heat generators such as heaters, radiators, blowers, open fires, and stoves.
  • Should be capable to bear your weight
  • Choose from a reputed brand so that you can be sure of its value
  • It should be pressure-tested and take up to 300kg weight
How to Use a Birthing Ball during Pregnancy? During pregnancy, you can use the birthing ball: For sitting comfortably when working or resting:
  • It is much easier to get on and off on the ball than it is to sit on a soft sofa or a hard chair.
  • Sitting on the ball is also a mini workout. Rocking and bouncing on it softly can keep your tummy and back muscles upright.
For some mild exercise:
  • Birth ball present the needed balance, get better posture and exercises your tummy muscles. It gives the necessary support to bear the pregnancy weight.
  • Rock your pelvis sideways and back and forth while sitting on the ball. Pull your tummy inside and try curving your lower back smoothly.
How to Use a Birthing Ball after Baby’s Birth? You can use birthing ball after the birth of the baby in the following ways:
  • You can also cuddle and soothe your crying baby while sitting on the ball.
  • Exercising with the ball help out tone up your post-pregnancy body.
  • You can also make your baby stand, walk and scoot on the ball.
  • You will feel sore for some days after the release. Sitting on the ball is more at ease than sitting on a hard surface.
  • Once you get the baby to latch conveniently, you can sit on the ball when breastfeeding. It can be better than slumping on the bed.

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