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5 Major Differences between Your First & Second Pregnancy

5 Major Differences between Your First & Second Pregnancy
  1. Reading Fewer Books than Before:
In the first pregnancy, you would like to read all available books, blogs, and other materials on the pregnancy care, birth, and fetal care. However, in your second pregnancy, your awareness in reading such books would be minimal. You might be busy taking care of your first baby. So you would barely read any pregnancy books and would be more confident about pregnancy because of the earlier experience.
  1. Observing Body Shape Less Keenly:
In your first pregnancy, you would be watching your belly and body shape keenly and admiring your cute and round belly. You would observe the change every week. However, in your second pregnancy, you may find your stomach a bit droopier and less cute than earlier. Also, you would be less bothered about your body shape as you have already experienced the change in your previous pregnancy.
  1. Experience Lesser Excitement than Earlier:
The first pregnancy is always a large excitement, not just for you but also for the would-be grandparents. So, you may plan a party or have certain family celebrations on learning the wonderful news. However, in the second pregnancy, you might not be as excited as you were during the first pregnancy. It’s not that you aren’t happy expecting again, but it’s not just the same. The excitement level is comparatively less in the second pregnancy. This is one major difference between first and second pregnancy.
  1. Lesser Fears than the First Pregnancy:
In your first pregnancy, you would be worrying about everything and taking a great deal of care to ensure a healthy pregnancy and your unborn baby’s safety. You will worry about which shampoo to use, which lipstick to put on, and every other minor thing in your life. However, during your second pregnancy, you will have a ‘let go’ attitude. Even though you would be concerned about your unborn baby’s safety and health, you would not stress out yourself on minor things. Rather, you would be more confident about your lifestyle and pregnancy care.
  1. Eating Leniently:
You would be eating as healthy as you can in your first pregnancy by preparing and following a ‘Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy’ list. By eliminating certain foods, such as sushi, lunch meat, and non-vegetarian cuisines, from your diet, you will choose only nutritious foods. You will eat frequently, and restrict the consumption of animal products. However, in the second pregnancy, you may be more lenient in eating and happily contain sushi and other healthy non-vegetarian recipes to your diet. (Best gynecologist in Bhopal)

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