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4 Diet Tips for Pregnant Women to Follow This Monsoon Season

4 Diet Tips for Pregnant Women to Follow This Monsoon Season #Best Gynecologist in Bhopal You are in the most beautiful phase of life called pregnancy. Congratulations! There is no doubt that these nine months will be the most cautious yet pampering months you have ever experienced. There will be people telling you what to do, what not to do. Family members will be extra careful, protective or even paranoid about you and your baby’s safety. From millions of tips and hacks, you would have heard it all. However, we have quick 5 tips for you to follow this monsoon season for a healthy diet that will allow you to stay out of any unknown dangers and risks the season might bring with itself. Stay away from raw fruits- Yes, we know you love your fruits but eating raw, cut fruits can also reason problems. Especially those fruits which have high water content can get simply contaminated just like raw vegetables because the moisture in them can very easily develop bacterial growth if left in the open for too long. The trick here is to rapidly cut and consume. In case you like juices, you can make fresh fruit juice and consume immediately to avoid any enzyme or bacteria from growing. Fruits you can have in monsoon are Orange, Kiwi, Sweet Lime, Grapefruit, etc. Skip eating street food- Even though it is not life-threatening, outside or shall we say roadside food can pose a risk to your health during pregnancy as, during this time, your body is very sensitive and highly prone to infections because of a decline in system immunity. These monsoon months bring a host of health problems like food poisoning, indigestion, etc. so when you are pregnant you want to stay away from street food as however tempting these foods maybe but they are not worth the risk. Increase water intake- This is an absolute necessity during pregnancy and especially during the rainy season since there is so much humidity and toxin flush out during monsoon to deal with. Since water contamination is simple during monsoon. It is best to avoid any such possibility of infections due to water. Hence, it is recommended that pregnant women take boiled water that has been cooled down. Be careful with non-vegetarian food- You should be extra careful with non-vegetarian and sea foods during monsoon. This is because unlike fruits and vegetables, non-vegetarian foods can be instant breeding spots for micro-organisms and require proper freezing and storage to avoid infestation. Imagine eating a dead creature with other mini creatures already feasting on it! Ok, let’s not dramatize it. Just stay cautious while consuming such foods and avoid prawns and raw fish. Make sure they are cooked well and prefer barbecued foods as roasting kills most bacteria pretty well. In fact, you can try and eat a balanced diet during the monsoon to get enough protein for your necessities during pregnancy without risking your health.  

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